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This is the first and only dedicated center of excellence with International standards based on the principles of our mentor Prof. Patrick Yesudian to provide complete diagnostic, treatment, teaching and research facilities under one roof to create a sustainable skin care system that could provide and standardize proven structured treatments at an affordable cost.

Our Vision is to provide affordable, appropriate, compassionate & quality skin hair & nail care to all with a primary aim of “PRIMUM NON NOCERE” which means FIRST DO NO HARM

Skin with Hair, Nail, special glands & nerve endings is the largest and most important organ of our body. It serves vital functions such as protection, thermo regulation, sensation, shape, structure, identity and reflection of the internal health. Many hidden problems can be easily diagnosed by a skin clue! Loss of skin can lead to loss of life. Skin also needs intensive care. Only a skin disease sufferer can express the physical & Mental agony.

People think that skin diseases are contagious which leads to social aversion, marital disharmony, unemployment, depression and so on…

There is a widespread lack of proper awareness of skin diseases. Establishing the facts about skin diseases and their importance through patient education is mandatory.

Skin diseases are largely misnamed. For example – Vitiligo as white leprosy. Misleading and cheating by quackery who claim to cure incurable diseases. For example - Psoriasis is like Diabetes – it cannot be cured but controlled very well.

Unfortunately skin is projected only as an organ of beauty by the media. The vitality of the organ is totally forgotten. Beauticians have started providing skin care! – Beauty parlors have become skin clinics. Dermatologists are forced to become cosmetologists!

Just because the organ is outside the body it is self treated & insulted to the core!

Major skin diseases like Psoriasis, Vitiligo, Immunological and Lympho proliferative disorders need expert care. Ignorance, negligence, lack of facilities & expertise, increasing cost of therapy leads to non affordability, chronicity and very poor quality of life

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